BUSTaBNB Official Update

July 2nd, 2021 — with bonus Dev notes!

“Shoot a nuke down a bug hole, you got a lot of dead bugs”
- Ace Levy

Okey dokey folks, everyone here at Ape HQ is flat out busy and time is short, so let’s get right to the good stuff. Heaps of new content in this one!

Alpha Testing

Very soon (possibly today) we’re launching the Alpha version of our first game “BUSTaCRASH” on our internal test server and it should be no surprise that we team-Apes have been waiting for this glorious day either as much or more than all of you. We finally get to play the game! Albeit with fake play money for starters ;)

Once we’ve had a week or so playing it ourselves, we’ll be opening it up to the 20x winners of the Alpha Squad Competition — which is still ongoing by the way. Sign up here if you haven’t already and want to participate, entries close at the end of Wednesday the 7th of July UTC;


Also we’ve had a whole bunch of people sign up to the competition already so we’d like to say a quick thanks to you all for helping us grow our social channels and your interest in helping us perfect our product, we couldn’t do this without you :)

Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to post some updates from both the internal and public Alpha testing as it progresses

Enter the GitBook

For those of you not in the know, the BUSTaBNB project is huuuuuge. It’s by no means a one-trick pony, it’s a multifaceted gem with a vast day one ecosystem and huge growth potential. This is all fantastic for everyone on the team and for the community, and it’s definitely the most fun and exciting project I’ve ever worked on, however it’s also a hell of a lot of work for us to put it all into a GitBook!

That said, we’ve managed to get enough information together in a (mostly) cohesive manner to publish our first iteration of the GitBook live, so here it is;


You’ll notice there are a few pages still awaiting content, and without being too much of a filthy teaser we can assure you that there are still a whole lot of pages to come, we’re just not giving away all our secrets quite yet :)

Marketing and BCU content

Now that we’re getting closer to the release of the BUSTaCRASH game and the full product suite that is the BUSTaBNB platform, we’ve started making considerable progress on the marketing front

We mentioned in a previous article that the team has grown — specifically in the marketing department. We’ve got a solid plan in place for getting the word out about BUSTaBNB with a decent size crew and budget behind it. Week by week we’re generating more and more content to put out there into the crypto/iGaming-sphere, and we’re super proud of what’s being created

Beyond that, you might have started noticing some more visuals and Banalien themed content popping up here and there. This stuff is more than just pretty visuals… it’s all part of the ever-expanding BCU, or “Banalien Cryptomatic Universe”!

From the beginning we knew we were building something unique, but we decided to take it to the next level by creating our own entire universe of content to connect with the core platform and games to make the whole experience more immersive and entertaining. You’ll soon be hearing about the adventures of myself — Neil ApeStrong, the Banaliens and their home planet of Peelion Four, and the dastardly Lord Ruggit and his cohort of no-good evil-doers..

Along with their regular duties, our talented designers just love spending any down-time creating amazing new artwork for the BCU. On top of that, some of our core team members actually write sci-fi in their spare time, now that’s pretty cool :)

Coin King | Banalien & Howard the Coin Appraiser | Star Strider

Sneak Peek and Dev Notes

As progress on the game and expanded ecosystem continues, we’re starting to get more cool stuff we can show you. So here’s a curated sneak peek at the game UI, rocket animation, and AMM wireframe, followed by the highly sought after dev notes. Keep in mind the images and video are all of work in progress and will change as we progress through development.

BUSTaCRASH Animation
Wireframe AMM Desktop
AMM Desktop
AMM Mobile

# Sprint 5

Goal: Complete the funds manager, get authentication working, and pay down some technical debt so that we can maintain a fast pace of development

  • Funds manager is completed, making the game 100% playable (with fake BNB… for now 😇)

# Sprint 6

Goal: Add support for depositing and withdrawing tokens on BSC testnet, improve auth security and player QoL

Upcoming AMAs


08:00 Monday 5th July (UTC)


00:00 Wednesday 7th July (UTC)

And don’t forget….

🌏 Website: https://bustabnb.com/

📡 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BUSTaBNB

📙 GitBook: https://bustabnb.gitbook.io/bustabnb/

📚 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BUSTaBNB_Official/

👽 Medium: https://medium.com/@bustabnb

🤖 TG Announce: https://t.me/bustabnbofficialannouncements

🏆 TG Quiz: https://t.me/BUSTaBNB_Quiz

⏰ TikTok: https://tinyurl.com/BUSTaBNB-TikTok

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