July 9th, 2021

“I expect the best and I give the best. Here’s the beer. Here’s the entertainment. Now have fun. That’s an order!”

~Jean Rasczak

That’s right Troopers!

The day has finally arrived to reveal which Troopers will be drafted into the front lines of Alpha game testing! You will of course be compensated for your dedicated service with $200.00 USD of $BUST each (post IDO)

In addition, Five Elite Troopers who report back to Command HQ with the best quality game testing feedback will each be awarded a genesis limited edition BUSTaBNB Alpha series NFT. These 5x unique NFTs will be minted by our allies over at MemeFarm.io on BSC! Consider this to be a badge of honor, knowing you did your part!

Genesis BUSTaBNB NFT Alpha series sneak peek..

Before we announce the winners, here’s a quick recap on BUSTaBNB for all newcomers to the project..

BUSTaBNB is a fully immersive gaming and DeFi platform built on Binance Smart Chain

We are currently hard at work building the perfect ecosystem that will best benefit our players, investors, stakers, traders, affiliates and partners alike

With exceptional room for growth, the BUSTaBNB ecosystem has the ability to add partner tokens, new games and new pools. iGamers rejoice, the all-in-one iGaming defi platform is going live with provable fairness, a growing ecosystem and many ways to earn

The current flagship game under development is “BUSTaCRASH”, a crash style jackpot cash game where users are able to bet and win BNB (and more tokens later)

BUSTaCRASH game screen footage 3

Further info on the project can be found via the social links at the end of this article, especially in the GitBook — that thing is jam-packed with content.

Right, let’s get down to business..

A random draw YouTube video was recently uploaded. Follow this link to watch and see if your Twitter username is randomly selected;

We will reach out to each lucky winner directly via Twitter next week with further instructions (this will come from our official Twitter account https://twitter.com/BUSTaBNB )

A massive congratulations to all of our winners!!

Be sure not to miss any of our exciting news in regards to the Beta game release and upcoming IDOs by joining our socials below..

“Didn’t they tell you, Colonel? That’s what the Mobile Infantry is good for..”

~Johnny Rico

🌏 Website: https://bustabnb.com/

📡 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BUSTaBNB

📙 GitBook: https://bustabnb.gitbook.io/bustabnb/

📚 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BUSTaBNB_Official/

👽 Medium: https://medium.com/@bustabnb

🤖 TG Announce: https://t.me/bustabnbofficialannouncements

🏆 TG Quiz: https://t.me/BUSTaBNB_Quiz

⏰ TikTok: https://tinyurl.com/BUSTaBNB-TikTok

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